Promo videos - Concerts - Music videos - Interviews

This Employee Branding video for Innofactor Plc. was filmed in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The main aim was to give the viewer insight into the life inside and around the lively Innofactor Campuses in the different Nordic countries. There was a lot of laugher in the filming set and I believe it comes through in this video.

Promo clip for Personal Trainer Mikko Klöf. The video needed to be short, energetic, inspiring - all without words. This was achieved with the right background music, using camera angels and close ups.

Linghui Zhang, the main organiser of the annual Chinese New Year festival, was interviewed in Radio SuomiRock's morning show hosted by Ville Kinaret, Mikko Honkanen and Shirly Karvinen. We did a promo video which was used in marketing the event.

A pilot episode for a show called Modern Trendsetters. In Modern Trendsetters we followed the lives of interesting fashion enthusiasts who we considered trend setters because of their unique relationship with fashion. The show is written by actress and model Naomy Hyvönen. Modern Trendsetters is still in the pilot stage waiting to be discovered by the general public.

HIGHER is a music video Maria scripted, directed and produced - and also starred in! The video was produced with a low budget by just being creative and having a great team spirit. The video has been embraced by people around the world and it continues to receive excellent feedback.

TYTTÖNI TUOLLAINEN is an animated lyrics video created for Ariel, a Finnish singer/songwriter. With this video the aim was for something simple, elegant, timeless and charming to fit the lyrics and feel of the song. This was achieved well with the black and white images of the little girl.