The wonder of light

It’s the shortest day of the year. Have you suffered from the lack of light? The old truth applies that the lack of something reminds us of how much we appreciate it. Although there’s nothing like natural light, a man-made tool can come in handy. I’ve been somewhat sceptical of bright light lamps. You know, “a lamp’s a lamp”. But, I must say, after we received one as a gift a week ago, my first experiences with it have been quite positive!

Photography is all about capturing light. So much so that beautiful light itself can actually be the subject of an image. Did you know that people in general tend to prefer high-key (bright) images to low-key (dark) ones? We associate light and brightness with happiness. That’s why you don’t see many dark-coloured images trying to sell something 😉

But dark colours have their place. The dark accentuates the light. Without a dark background the light wouldn’t show. The contrast that light and shadows form is usually something we look for in images. And personally I often love the rich dark tones of a well done low-key image. It satisfies a different kind of need than a high-key image.

So, don’t let the darkness get to you. Touch it up with some beautiful light and – voilà!