Bold moves

Calvin here. It’s been a minute so I thought why not pop in. Felt like talking about what i would personally refer to as bold moves in photography.

Apart from the fact that a photographer has to be passionate, ready to take risks, creative and innovative, boldness plays a big part. You may wonder how. I mean we all know bold moves require bold people who obviously are “ballsy” or rather courageous.

For instance, i am currently an intern for Maria Malmi and we happened to have a shoot at the centre. The venue was at this new library and there is quite a lot of people in there. So we are shooting, it is public and our model is pretty much doing his thing. I took the chance to look around and clearly eyes are being thrown at us because we are having a thing going on. Not like we are attracting a mass though. I mean, from a personal viewpoint, it takes a confident model to pose is needed be, a confident photographer to utilize the given surrounding especially in public areas and generally “bold moves”.

The public can be a little bit intimidating most of the times if not all. This is relatable when one has to accomplish a task under the public eye. I am one that does not do good under mass pressure. Assuming i have seen something i would really want to capture, i tend to hesitate at first. Honestly this hinders me from taking pictures at times or even pose for one. Putting aside all the “public eye” mentality really helps. One gets to accomplish whatsoever the task at hand is.

It is never too much behind the lens. Boldness helps build self image. Hoping i helped or touched a soul out there with this piece.