Art, life and everything

It’s early on Saturday morning. I had forgotten to switch off my alarm from Saturday last week, and it went off at 6.45am. Once I’m awake, I’m awake… there’s nothing to be done. So I figured, why not write something down for my blog, something that’s been on my mind lately.

It all started with a discussion I had with a fellow artist. It had to do with the fact that when you’re an artist you have to face the fact that some people will enjoy your art and some won’t. It takes a certain type of personality to cope with the criticism. And for sure, some can’t cope with it. I’ve seen this countless times. Talented artists can’t create anymore because nothing is good enough – or that’s how they feel.

In this previous post of mine I talked about the beauty of taking risks. In fact, every artist is a risk taker because all art is controversial. In arts you can’t play it safe. Or you can but the flip side is you probably won’t be able to touch people. Your art becomes flat and boring. You need to be crazy enough to embrace the ‘what ifs’ that pop into your head. Only then can you take people on a journey with you through your art.

Why is art so important? It’s very easy to ignore it as something totally futile or meaningless. But art is something that makes us more human in this world of deadlines, performance measurements, and success counted in euros or dollars. Art helps us to communicate without words and find another dimension in ourselves. It’s water to the soul that is thirsty. It makes you more connected with yourself. No wonder art is used a lot in therapy work. But you shouldn’t wait until you need therapy to embrace the world of arts!

To my fellow artists: do not give up on creating even when no one seems to appreciate it! You’ve been given a talent for a reason. And to all non-artists: you may not appreciate all our art but please give it a try. We put ourselves out there so that you can experience things and be uplifted. We do it because we need to, yes, but also because it’s from us to you. We do it for you, with love.