This thing about autumn

You know how different seasons have different characteristics? Winter is about being cozy in candlelight with something warm to drink. Spring is marked by anticipation: nature is waking up, and we are counting the signs of the beginning of summer. Summer, then, is about relaxing and enjoying the sunny days, playing and having fun. And autumn – what is autumn all about? You might feel differently, but to me autumn has always been about inspiration and excitement. It’s the time of year when things like “hey, I’ve never actually tried this or that” pop into my head. I get an urge for fresh new perspectives.

This autumn it’s literally been so. If you know my work and style, I’m more of a portrait photographer than a landscape master. I love the intimacy of a portrait shot. You really get to feel what the other person is feeling when you see his/her expressions in a picture. But, for a while now, I’ve been longing for broader views and larger perspectives. Usually I find wide angles challenging because I like to keep things simple. There’s a lot that fits into a wide angle shot. If you don’t manage the scene well, the non-key elements are distractions that make the shot messy and uninviting. But when you compose well, it can be something quite spectacular.

The thing is, sometimes you need to go epic. And nothing says epic as well as a skillfully composed wide angle shot. You lose the intimacy of a portrait shot but gain a whole lot in grandeur. There’s that feeling of open air that is so compelling. And when you think of seasons, autumn has that something just waiting to be photographed with a wide lens. There’s that same grandeur in the stunning autumn colors that invites you to capture it all in a large scene.

Autumn stirs a lot of emotion in people. Rarely do I hear people burst into such passionate comments about other seasons. There’s just something about autumn. The fresh air and colorful leaves that fly around with the wind resonate with our minds. It’s the juxtaposition of death and beauty. It’s nature’s closing scene in a remarkable evening gown. It won’t leave you cold. Well, physically, maybe, but not emotionally 😉

Let’s enjoy this majestic time of year!