Things that complete me

Gosh, who stole February?! That short month just flew by without warning and without me getting a chance to put things down on paper (well, on screen) for my blog. But aren’t we thrilled to be in March?! Spring is just around the corner.

A while back, I was watching an online course taught by a photographer called Karen Hutton. She has a truly interesting story and really amazing work. There was one thing that stuck with me. She was presenting an image she had created, its colors and tones, the compositional structure, and the story, and she said with a sigh that “these are the things that complete me.” That resonated with me. The fact that there are things that make us feel complete.

I wanted to look into that in a broader context. What are the things that complete me in what I do? It lead me to a list of three C’s. I also realised that unless you’re shooting landscapes, a photographer needs to be both an introvert and an extrovert. How? Tag along.


Creating for me is like the air I breathe. It is my inner voice leading me when I’m out there with my camera, looking through the lens and feeling my surroundings. After the shoot I get to open the captures on screen (oh the thrill!) and look at the images, carefully analysing them and letting them speak to me.


One of the best things about my job is that I get to cross paths with many people I most likely wouldn’t meet otherwise. I love meeting new people. Whether it’s a director of a multinational company, a friend of a friend, or a cute little toddler, I’m interested. Everyone has a story to tell and that’s fascinating.

taking COURSES

Whenever I get a chance I invest time in learning something new in my field. I don’t think this can be emphasized enough. Without the hunger to learn more, the joy of mastering a new skill, or the excitement of a new revelation you will eventually grow tired of what you’re doing. Today, online courses are available in many fields and I truly believe it’s worth the investment.

If I were to add one more C to the list that would be COFFEE… As I’m writing this it’s a new morning, I’ve got my lovely cup of coffee in my hand, some beautiful images to go through, and all is good in the world.