That post

Calvin here taking over the blog for a minute and thought i would share.

Scrolling down through timelines, casual stalking, fangirling and at this point the pressure is real. Social media. “Huh! Everyone seems to be having really bomb photos and it is taking a toll on me. I need to post. What do I post? Should i post now? Ok I need a photo. Will people like this? Ok posted? Wow I am lacking a caption. What will people think? I think I will just let the post be. Great, the response is poor. Don’t they like it? Argh!” (pulls down the post).

Pretty sure I do not sail alone in the boat above. Other than the pressure that comes with how we tend to think people perceive us, we also invest a lot in creating an image that we want the outside world to see. A photo speaks loads. Perceptions are different and so are people’s mindsets. Other than people giving whichever feedback or reactions to photos, it is kind of fundamental to keep in mind that it is never that deep.

Facts and figures never lie. Again not like it is ever that deep but a good photo stands out and pulls a crowd effortlessly. I personally believe in the clichégospel” of angles, lighting and background details. Themes, props (if staged) and colour schemes are really handy too. All this is to create a captivating capture.

All from a personal view hoping it helps some if not all. Again it is just a post at the end of the day. Effort or none, a good photo stands out. Simple tricks, the basics and common formalities. Whatever works for you, all good. Remember it is never that deep and no external pressure should drive one’s view on themselves based on a photo or rather a post.

Calvin Koivisto