Holy frustration

It’s windy today. I’m sitting at a dock in Eastern Finland listening to the sound of waves crashing into the pier. My hair is flying in the wind. There’s something about standing on the shore facing a brisk wind. It clears your mind. It makes room for new ideas. It gives new direction.

These past months of blog silence have been filled with what I call holy frustration. The life of an artist is rarely smooth sailing. It’s highs and lows, moments of success followed by frustration. It’s balancing inner struggles of finding your voice and then losing it again. It’s acknowledging that it’s all been said before, yet not by you. It’s all that and more – but we love it.

In the midst of all this turmoil I was actually looking forward to writing again. One famous photo editor said it’s good to write about your work. I believe this applies no matter what your artistry or line of business is. Writing forces you to think (and rethink) about your work, makes you see your work from new angles, and just makes you see things more clearly. It’s so easy to lose focus and become a jack of all trades.

For me frustration works as a tool. It tells me that I’m ready to grow in some area of my artistry. Photography is a language. We communicate with our images. In order to grow we need new words so that we can communicate more meaningfully, in more detail, in more depth what we want to express. Our greatest enemy is being too complacent in our work. We need to face the wind and take new direction.

I hear the first sounds of thunder on the horizon. Time to wrap things up at the dock. To my fellow artists: don’t let frustration crush you. Ride it like a surfer rides a wave. It feels like flying, doesn’t it?

Until next time, folks!