Day trip to Fiskars

November is here (sigh) but this year it actually hasn’t been half bad! On many a morning I’ve been delighted by the clear, soft sunlight making everything so beautiful and enchanting. The sun going down at 4 p.m. is of course a different story.. Not ideal for shooting in natural light 😉 – but let’s not go into that.

Four weeks ago (time flies!) we went on a day trip to an idyllic small village called Fiskars. It’s a village known for craftsmanship, artisan shops and a vibrant artistic community. As a photographer you feel like a kid in a candy store! The place is full of interesting sites, textures, details and scenic small duck ponds that make your eye linger. If you are an artist suffering from writer’s block, Fiskars might be able to help you out 🙂

The day was refreshing and inspiring in many ways. The warm October sun was embracing the scenery and guiding our way as we were exploring the village. It’s the sort of place which makes you want to spend a day at a café just admiring the scenery and taking in the atmosphere. Or buy dozens of candles and butter knives and little thingies made of wood that you don’t even know what they are for! In a word, a perfect escape from the buzz of the city.

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