To pose or not to pose?

Most of us have our picture taken on a regular basis. Be it a selfie or a portrait taken by a photographer, the question of posing comes into play. Whether to pose openly or to go for a more mysterious look (a bit hard if it’s a selfie :D). Should you look into the camera or off camera? Is it better to smile or to have a serious look on your face? We all want to look good in pictures, so let’s spend a few minutes on this subject.

Let’s say a good photograph of a person is an interesting image that somehow has the person’s character captured. I say “let’s say” because there are other measures as well. But as a photographer what I dislike the most are photos that are boring. No one wants to be the star of a boring photograph. Unfortunately most pictures with people looking into the camera saying “cheese” fall into this category.

If you are not a professional model, I’d say nine times out of ten the picture taken of you when you were not paying attention is more interesting than the one taken after you just realized someone is pointing a camera at you. The magic of the authentic scene is gone. Professional models know how to pose so that it looks like they are not posing at all. The rest of us feel awkward and self-aware in front of a lens, and knowing it doesn’t help.

But not all hope is lost! If you are working with a photographer, trust that you are in good hands. It’s the photographer’s job to make you feel relaxed and to tell you everything you need to know about posing for that particular shoot. The photographer wants you to look good in the pictures just as much as (or even more than!) you do. That’s why photoshoots are about having fun! Fun equals better pictures. This is all the more important in the otherwise “dull” studio shots. Music is so important in setting the right mood that playlists of photoshoot music are created – I kid you not! If you as the model are not enjoying your time, the whole shoot is a waste of time. No, we don’t want that, so we’ll make it fun for you!

If, instead, you are out there and someone wants to take your picture, here are a few quick tips. 1) Smiling is good – but don’t overdo it. If it looks like a joke just cracked you up, that’s too much. Remember to smile with your eyes. 2) If you’re hoping to look slimmer, a hand on the hip will do the trick (hey, that rhymes!) 3) This last one is a bit trickier, but try pointing your chin out just a bit (like a turtle). It might feel weird and goes against our natural instinct of pulling away from the camera but trust me, it looks good. It will give you a beautiful jaw line.

So, bearing these in mind you are all set for summer parties – and for the wonderful pictures of you taken there 🙂