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18 Dec 2017

Art, life and everything

It’s early on Saturday morning. I had forgotten to switch off my alarm from Saturday last week, and it went off at 6.45am. Once I’m awake, I’m awake… there’s nothing to be done. So I figured, why not write something down for my blog, something that’s been on my mind lately. It all started with a discussion I had with a fellow artist. It had to do with the fact that when you’re an artist you have to face the […]

06 Mar 2017

Things that complete me

Gosh, who stole February?! That short month just flew by without warning and without me getting a chance to put things down on paper (well, on screen) for my blog. But aren’t we thrilled to be in March?! Spring is just around the corner. A while back, I was watching an online course taught by a photographer called Karen Hutton. She has a truly interesting story and really amazing work. There was one thing that stuck with me. She was […]

16 Jan 2017

Can you feel it?

The other day I was listening to an interview of a French film director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. You know him, the one who directed Amélie and Alien, to mention a few. He was asked which of his films he liked the best. His answer took me by surprise. “It depends on the day,” he said. “Sometimes when I look at my films, all I can see are flaws.” I didn’t see that coming! Here’s a famous film director whose films are […]

26 Oct 2016

Risky business

How do you feel about taking risks? Are you a risk taker or risk averse? What do you say when opportunity knocks? Do you go, like, “oh shhh now, can’t you see I’m having a cup of coffee here”? Don’t feel bad if you do. I, too, enjoy my relaxed no-need-to-perform coffee breaks. But there are times when it’s better to let your coffee go cold and answer the knock. This fall I’ve been faced with situations where, as an […]

15 Aug 2016

Tapahtui kesässä..

(Sorry non-Finnish readers, wanted to post something in my mother tongue for a change..) Eilen aamulla oli kova ukkonen. Sen seurauksena olemme toista päivää ilman nettiyhteyttä. Ei nettiä tarkoittaa ei kuvien editointia. Meillä oli kuitenkin onni kun selvisimme vain netin katkeamisella. Naapurin auto ei ollut yhtä onnekas. Siinä, missä joskus oli sivupeili, on nyt vain johdot jäljellä. Koska kuvat saavat nyt odottaa tuli tilaisuus päivitellä uusimmat kuulumiset tänne blogiin. Kirjoitan tällä kertaa suomeksi – ilman sen kummempaa syytä. Näin koulujen […]

10 Sep 2015

Head shots

Was at a client yesterday to take some head shots. This is a company doing occupational therapy for children and adults and they have really cool premises, especially if you’re a kid! As my client didn’t mind, I had my little assistant with me. While I was shooting away this little guy was having a blast in the action room! The captures turned out well, too. We were blessed with nice soft sunlight embracing my models. I also got an […]