12 Sep 2015

Coffee and photo editing

Good morning! Are you a morning person? I am – a ‘slow morning’ person. I like to start my day with a nice, freshly brewed coffee and a moment with my two good buddies, Lightroom and Photoshop. Maybe you know them, too. They belong to the Adobe family 😉 I love photo editing, especially in the morning when the day is young and creative juices are flowing. I go through my captures like on a treasure hunt, looking for a […]

10 Sep 2015

Head shots

Was at a client yesterday to take some head shots. This is a company doing occupational therapy for children and adults and they have really cool premises, especially if you’re a kid! As my client didn’t mind, I had my little assistant with me. While I was shooting away this little guy was having a blast in the action room! The captures turned out well, too. We were blessed with nice soft sunlight embracing my models. I also got an […]

08 Sep 2015

And we’re live!

Welcome to my newly opened website! The rush of the early fall season is upon us and this photographer has been keeping busy as well! While I’m on a quest for colourful and misty fall captures, I hope you’ll visit my portfolio and remember those lovely warm summer days. In Finland the summer is short and all the more precious! This picture here is for all you students out there! May you be filled with excitement and hunger to learn […]