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About us

Photography, Videography & Websites


Pleased to meet you. My name is Maria and I'm a photographer.

Being a photographer is like being on a journey. Every shoot is a door to a new world after which you are not the same. That’s one of the reasons I can’t get tired of photography. You never know what the day will bring.

My preferred style of photography is documentary, where I try to influence my subjects and the flow of events as little as possible. I let people be who they are and tell their story "in their own words". I'm there to capture the fleeting moments.

Usually I don't explain or describe my work much; I let the pictures speak for themselves. I love the unanswered questions an image poses! Too many words take away the power the capture has on its own.

Finally, what I do love about being a photographer? Capturing the authentic beauty of this world - and sharing it with you.

My name is Ilona and I'm a student and a photographer.

Photography had been a hobby of mine for a few years when Maria discovered me. She helped me to hone my skills and now we do events, weddings, videos and international assignments together as a team.

I love interacting with people and capturing their beauty with my camera. For my portrait work please go to my Instagram account @isthatilona.

See you on set!

I go by the name Calvin Koivisto. A media student doing photography as one of the majors.

Photography is not only a course to me but also a passion of mine. Currently majoring in both studio and outdoor photography. Taking each day as a learning opportunity through experience and my mentor's guidelines.

See you behind the lens.

IT and business consultant

I am very pleased to meet you. My name is Jukka Maijala and I'm a business and IT professional with comprehensive experience of both B2B- and B2C-businesses.

My over 20 years of business experience spans from retail to management consulting, startup environment and IT industry, from which I have over 14 years’ experience in various positions. I also have several years’ experience of website and webshop development with WordPress and WooCommerce platforms including SEO and smooth integrations to Google Analytics and social media platforms e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

I can smoothly integrate my vast experience covering business strategy, customer experience,  sales and account management, offering and marketing development as well as service design to website and webshop development. This offers SME companies additional benefits syncing website and webshop development to company’s overall business development creating focused business development targets and roadmap. Please see my resume on LinkedIn.

My company is Avafor Oy, and together with Maria I am pleased to help SME companies to grow their business with website and webshop development boosted with comprehensive business consulting.

Some examples of our work are:



Looking forward to cooperating with you!


Web consultant

My name is Masi and I'm an IT professional.

I have ten years of experience in website development and various CMS platforms. I specialize in Web applications development using mainly Microsoft Technologies. Nowadays I'm concentrated into modern DevOps and public cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP).

Please see my full resume in LinkedIn. I work as an IT consultant.

Together with Maria we design and build small and medium sized websites with WordPress and Wix. Some examples of our work are:



Helsingin Toimintaterapia

More of our work

Design, Illustration, Photography & Other Creative Work

Most of our work consists of taking pictures and videos for companies to be used in various forms of communication. All material will be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team also designs, illustrates and builds websites.

Please contact us for more information!